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We are providing HIPAA protected Telephone & Video counseling

Outpatient services for substance abuse

Relapse prevention is utilized to help clients build support systems, gain awareness and initiate the process of recovery

and growth. The program focuses on education, self-exploration, problem- solving and relapse prevention; helping clients learn new coping skills to avoid relapse and maintain a healthy long-term recovery and incorporates the 12-step philosophy.


For those individuals who are suffering from substance abuse disorders and are not  receptive to the 12 Step model, we offer Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT). The guiding principal of the intervention is that people perceive life in an irrational manner and learning techniques to combat distorted thinking patterns can lead to less anxiety and depression and therefore, abstinence from alcohol and other drugs. REBT is particularly helpful for persons who have histories of chronic relapse and have been unsuccessful in arresting the addiction through AA or NA.  


ALE also provides substance abuse services to those individuals who fall under the federal regulations of the Department of Transportation (DOT). Please contact office for futher information.

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Built upon the belief that alcoholism/drug addiction is chronic, progressive and can be fatal if  left untreated. We believe that all people have the potential for self-improvement and personal growth. ALE counselors use an Eclectic Approach that includes Reality Therapy which focuses on the “here & now” issues using supportive confrontation to break through denial. Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT) is used to uncover irrational beliefs that may lead to negative emotions helping clients learn more productive rational alternatives. Motivational Interviewing focuses on exploring and resolving ambivalence and centers on motivational processes within the individual that facilitatechange. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) helps clients unlearn their unwanted reactions and to learn a new way of reacting, goal-setting and changing old behavioral patterns.

ALE treats substance abuse through weekly group counseling and or individual counseling.

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